27 Million Enslaved Around the World

by: Sarah

I had a moment not too long ago where I stopped in my tracks, quite literally.

I was out to dinner with friends and the television set hanging in the corner of the restaurant caught my eye. A news ticker scrolled at the bottom of the screen and listed statistics released by the U.S. Department of State. The data compiled estimated the number of victims around the world who are forced into sex trafficking, bonded labor and domestic servitude.

There are more people enslaved today than at any other time in history, an estimated 27 million men, women and children around the world. Newborn babies, teenage girls, senior citizens – trafficking in persons affect every region, every country and every socioeconomic standing.

In a recent article, Andrew Lam of New American Media shines a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery.

While I sit in the comfort of my own home and flip through the television stations, a 3 year old girl is being sold to an average of 30 men a night in Cambodia. I am frustrated to discover a long line at Starbuck’s while an elderly man, displaced by his family, begs for spare change in Zimbabwe. While I casually check facebook on my cell phone, a woman in India is burned by her mother-in-law for an unfulfilled dowry.

Let’s push aside the distractions of normal life and fight. Be a part of the movement. Speak for those with no voice.

May this be the decade of delivery, the season of freedom.

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  • Tim

    Thank you for redirecting my attention away from myself, and placing the focus where it should be. Unfortunately, the selfishness in our country is so overwhelming that blindness pervades the populace. I pray that eyes will be opened, and Christian warriors will help fight against the heinous travesty that is slavery.

  • Stephanie

    I too was stopped in my tracks one evening while retiring into bed. It dawned on me that the horror was only beginning for countless women and children that night. I truly believe that God barely pulled back the curtain for a moment to allow me to feel the evil that they feel each and every day. My prayer is like that of Tim. God please open our eyes and so that we can make as much as a difference as possible throughout the rest of our lives. Also, that those doing these horrific acts will begin to see the evil they’re inflicting.

  • Debbie Lazorishak

    As a victim of domestic violence, my heart has been toward women, and finding a way to give Hope to the Hopeless, and surely these babiess and young women are that. Please email information on how I may get involved. I have felt a stirring in my spirit to do something and have been waiting on the Lord to show me. Perhaps this is it.

    Thanks so much,
    Debbie Lazorishak

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