“Herzwerk” (Heart Works) believes that God’s love is available to all people and is capable of bringing hope, change, and meaning to the lives of people in prostitution. It is their desire to have women freed from the personal and societal damages of forced prostitution and human trafficking, to see them living in hope.

Most of the women they encounter are from either Eastern Europe or Africa. Each woman has her own story of how and why she ended up where she is. Many have been tricked (trafficked) into coming. Someone told them they could help them get a good job in Western Europe and they could make lots of money to send back to their families. Upon arrival, their passports were taken away and they were forced into prostitution. Some have been sold out-rightly by a family member or acquaintance. In addition, some women come from areas where there is up to 80% unemployment and where they see no other resource in providing for their families.


Herzwerk’s mission is to go and minister to the women where they are: on the streets and in brothels. They seek to build relationships of trust with people who have learned not to trust anyone. Herzwerk holistically cares for and walks with the women who are looking for a way out of prostitution. They treat every woman with the utmost respect, worth, and acceptance. Herzwerk networks with similar organizations both inside and outside of the country for the purposes of training, awareness, and prevention work, along with placement of the women. In addition, they are a voice on the national and international level for those whose voice has been taken away.


When women make the decision to leave prostitution, they immediately lose their place to live, their source of income and their social support structure, leaving them basically destitute. Herzwerk wants to provide a place where they can take the women with them, give them shelter and support, and provide for their emotional and spiritual needs that arise by offering programs that will strengthen their sense of self-worth.

Herzwerk reaches out to approximately 120 women per week, and they have regular contact with about 800 women. They have been able to build relationships with these women and provide many of them with practical help.

This year, Wellspring International aims to provide $66,153 USD for Herzwerk to help support a staff worker for the street and brothel work.


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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller






$66,153 USD/yr