(In order to respect privacy and ensure safety, Wellspring does not share the specific names or locations of these women and/or their children.)

The mission of Wellspring is to RESCUE, REHABILITATE, RESTORE, and assist with RE-ENTRY. While we seek to partner with existing organizations in this effort, we also have the privilege of working one-on-one with an individual who applies to our scholarship program.

Wellspring is currently supporting 9 women and 6 children. Their needs are as varied as the women themselves; from basic living needs, to educational scholarships, to significant medical assistance. Our intention is to provide necessary temporary financial assistance and a support system to equip each woman to be self-sufficient, to provide for herself and her children, and to offer her a future that empowers her to reach her great potential.


Scholarships are specific to individual need and fall into three categories: basic living needs (housing, food, etc.), education (for the woman and for her children), and healthcare (emergency and life sustaining medical care).

This fund offers the opportunity to walk alongside a woman seeking to overcome adversities such as poverty, domestic violence, abuse, and illness. Support her as she leaves prostitution and begins an educational program that will lead to a job opportunity. Provide for her admission into a hospital to provide dialysis treatment or medication that will sustain her health, surgery that will save her life or greatly improve her quality of life. Register a child in school who lost her father to unexpected illness and support her widowed mother as she seeks to provide for her family alone.

Know their name, learn their story, and become a part of it.


The same due diligence applied to each of our larger projects is in place for every scholarship recipient as well. Scheduled reports, budget submission and timely re-application for funds ensure legitimate need. Annual visits invest in personal relationship and accountability as well as confirm that funds are directed where most needed.


Please contact us for more information regarding this significant project.


“Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”
Anne Frank


Housing, basic living expenses, medical assistance and education: 9 adults and 6 children in South Africa, Lebanon, India and the Philippines: $6,000/month


’05 – present