Shining a Light on Slavery at RZIM and Wellspring

“Human trafficking is ultimately a reflection of the darkness and even the horrors found within the human heart. Until that issue is addressed, I think we will be at battle with its tragic symptoms, including various forms of modern slavery.” Naomi Zacharias, Director of Wellspring International, the humanitarian arm of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

Of the 16 projects RZIM Wellspring International is a part of, six specifically come to the physical, spiritual, and emotional aid of victims trapped in or at high risk of sexual slavery.

Today, February 27, is the day Freedom Fighters all over the world shine a light on slavery. Today, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are covered with red “X’s” symbolizing the movement to cross out modern-day slavery.

As people scratch the red “X’s” on the back of their hands, in Mumbai, India a crow’s feet scratches across a red window with bars. Women are broken in this red light district in India, their bodies enslaved and suffering from HIV. Then, in Vienna, Austria, you’ll find daughters, sisters, and nieces whose family members sold them into sexual slavery. You’ll find similar stories in Romania, The Netherlands, Bolivia, and beyond.


A crow sits on a barred window at a brothel in Mumbai, India.

Amidst the overwhelming numbers, figures, and facts, what is to be done?

“Human trafficking is not a hopeless situation, and frankly is one that necessitates we continue to combat it whether the statistical data indicates the number of victims is on the rise or on the decline,” said Naomi Zacharias. “Yet treating the symptom will not eliminate the heart of the crime. That is an issue that goes beyond government programs and straight to the heart of each one us as human beings.”

At RZIM, we invite you to join us in helping women and children who are victims or at risk of becoming victims. Wellspring supports projects like Bombay Teen Challenge Women’s Healthcare Program, which opened a medical clinic serving victims of the commercial sex trade and sees around 300 patients a month. Then there’s Herzwerk, which builds relationships with women in the red light district and provides shelter, support, and physical healing. Word Made Flesh in Bolivia places emphasis on empowering women to know and claim their full identity and to seek life in abundance that only the Lord provides.

100% of donations dedicated to the project you choose to help will go to that project. Any amount helps, from $5 to $50k. Will you join us to #EndIt?

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  • Jo Watkins

    I’m not good at commenting but I want to say that I appreciate so much the work you are doing. I live in my small little world with my routines and comforts and I need to be reminded of the suffering in the world. It is mind boggling the suffering one human being will inflict on another.

  • Patricia Kuhel

    Thank you for the work you are doing to bring help, hope and healing to these precious victims of human trafficking. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life.

  • Lia Grace

    Human trafficking is such a horrific injustice, almost beyond comprehension for those of us living comfortable, safe lives. But it’s so awesome to see the work by Wellspring International committed to ending it. You’re truly living out Jeremiah 22:3-5: “Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor they who have been robbed.”

  • Gisela Preck

    I am so very thankful to you for your engagement and I enclose you in my prayers.

  • Debbie Busbee

    I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And what I can do I will do by the grace of God.

    • Kyle

      Who was it that said that? Everett Hale?

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