From RZIM’s Wellspring International comes The Symposium, a women’s event like no other, inviting women to come to the table together to engage with intelligent and honest conversations about issues concerning humanity.

An authentic, raw, and life-giving women’s event, The Symposium brings in both international advocates and community trailblazers to stir real discussion, honest education, and a meaningful response to the personal cry within our own hearts against injustice, as well as the collective cry of our local community and larger global world. We hope you and your friends can join us at the next event!

Why “The Symposium”?


The ancient Greek symposium was a respected social institution. Events included food, artistic celebration, and the opportunity to discuss cultural issues. However, Symposia participants were men only; the only women allowed to attend were slaves or sex workers.

Now, in 2016, Wellspring International is introducing a new, modern day symposia: The Symposium is for women, who are for humanity.

Come join us for a meal and a conversation.

Learn and dialogue.

Experience the unique ability of the arts to engage with the darkness while inspiring hope.

Be inspired by other women living a real and purposeful message within their sphere of influence.

Leave with a meaningful response to the particular challenge to your own soul, a practical way to engage with the needs of your community, and find your voice in the global narrative.