UN Panel Recommends Legalizing Prostitution Worldwide

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by Sarah

A new report released by the United Nations-backed Global Commission on HIV and the Law recommends that nations around the world should legalize prostitution and intravenous drugs in order to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS. The panel “forcefully calls for governments, civil society and international bodies” to, among other things, repeal all laws against what it calls consensual sex work in the hopes that doing so will ensure an effective, sustainable response to HIV/AIDS.

This clip from Fox News explains the issue and offers discussion on the ramifications, and possible motives, behind the report.

How would legalizing prostitution impact womens rights?

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  • KJ

    Really? That’s insane. They think that will do away with a black market/underground sex trade? Naive and sorely misguided.

  • Jemima Boucher

    Given that UN workers have in the past got into all kinds of trouble for the sexual shenanigans they’ve got up to whilst in the field, one has to suspect an ulterior motive.

  • Romane Smith

    Sadly this kind of logic doesn’t surprise anymore. The band-aid over the gun shot wound theory won’t work here. The ideal of legalizing prostitution in hopes of “saving”other lives doesn’t make sense. What the UN and anyone who is in agreement with this ideal is saying in essence is that the people trapped in the sex trafficking are less than human. The women, men and children held in bondage are irrelevant. The ones who suffer the most don’t matter.

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