Wedding Feast

By: Rachel Davis

On a recent Wellspring trip to South Asia, I was able to spend some time with a project we support that is a home for the homeless and destitute elderly. The heart of the organization is to give the elderly dignity by providing a home and complete care for their life and proper burial upon their death. I spent a day with the founder and was amazed at the way his character exuded Christ; he embodied kindness and had a deep love for others that was genuine and pure. He is the type of person I want to be near and capture every word he says.

When I arrived, he gave me a tour of the facility. The shelter Wellspring supports has close to 300 elders living there. As we walked through, he stopped to chat with many of them. He laughed and told stories; he knew them and saw them as worthy of his time.

Later as we were talking and getting to know one another, he mentioned that his daughter was getting married this summer. He went on to tell me their plan for her to have the wedding on the grounds at the shelter with the elders present. Some friends would be invited and would have tea and biscuits, but the elders would get the wedding feast. Most of the invited friends have experienced being an honored guest, he said, but the majority of the elders have lived their lives as outcasts in society. He wants to give them the place of honor at the wedding. Hearing this instantly brought me to tears as I recognized he was truly living out what he believes. He was not just serving the elders, but communing with them. And in communing with them, he was communing with Christ. Jen Hatmaker, in her book, Interrupted, says, “So as I was beginning to identify with the least – and Jesus already said He was the least – I was perhaps starting to commune with Christ in earnest for the first time in my life.” I am grateful to have witnessed the beautiful example his life and leadership.

  • Diane Hüennekens


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